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Big Pivot is an award-winning partnership composed of the country’s finest and most experienced investor relations and corporate communications strategists.   We collaborate with our clients to craft brilliant design and content solutions, executing those solutions across every media platform in the global marketplace.   We are committed to producing smart, engaging and productive communications in a timely, cost-effective and service-oriented way.

It’s who we are.  It’s what we do.

Choosing a Communications Team is an Important Decision.   

Here’s Why Big Pivot Partners Deserves a Good Look

> Creative:
We excel at shaping inspired design and content solutions.  We should.  Every partner has decades of experience in the design, photography, copywriting or production fields, and each one is a nationally recognized leader in her or his specialty.

> Reliable, Trustworthy and Cost-Conscious:
While we work closely with clients, they also trust us to work alone and deliver projects precisely as expected. Limited budgets?  No problem.  Tight deadlines?  We’re on it.  The projects we undertake are always on target, on budget, and on time.  No exceptions. No worries.

> Experienced, Capable and Successful:
Our depth and breadth of experience means that our comfort zone is enormous, encompassing all sorts of projects, including annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports, sustainability books, proxies and others—delivered across multiple print, digital and interactive platforms.  You name it. We’ve seen it all. We’ve done it all. And from an awards perspective, we’ve won them all.

> We’re Good Listeners:
We were founded on the belief that listening is essential to producing a world-class project. And we do. From initial conception through project delivery, we listen carefully to get the mission just right. We’re much more than just arms and legs, however.  We have an opinion, and we’re not shy about sharing it. That’s the value we add:  Our expertise is the secret sauce that sets us apart in our space.

Our Services

As experienced professionals, we grow, craft and produce our product from concept through delivery. We are a full service solutions provider with the capabilities and resources to plan, create and deliver all types of projects, from digital to print.

Our designers are exceptional.

Digital or print, it matters not.  Our designers are all over it.  Click below to check out our most recent work—and the awards they received.

Our writers are the most capable in the business.

Experienced too, having written everything from annual reports to web sites, speeches, roadshow presentations, newsletters, advertising copy, coffee table books and magazines.  They have been recognized repeatedly for the quality and accuracy of their work.

Our photographers are visually gifted,

and their work regularly wins every top award.  What’s more, they are completely at ease with our clients’ most senior executives.  In fact, our CEO clients often request Big Pivot photographers by name to conduct their most important photo shoots.

Our printers are experts at their craft.

They have zero tolerance for error, which means our clients’ work product is flawless.

Our Work

However, across all disciplines and deliverables, we embrace the same philosophy – to produce creative, engaging and accessible communications in an environment where service is key.  Our experience, expertise, and broad range of resources allows us to deliver timely and cost effective design and communication solutions, regardless of tight deadlines and limited budgets.


Marc and his team were able to effectively balance scheduling, costs and quality all while delivering a unique and creative piece. I couldn’t ask for a better partner for my annual report needs

Marc is an incredible resource on best practices in corporate reporting, whose approach is always tailored to the client’s industry, market positioning, budget and objectives. On a personal level, he’s also great to work with!

Marc managed the projects with knowledge, tact and creativity. He was able to distill complex priorities and manage the process to deliver creative that exceeded expectations

Marc has a unique style that instantly resonates with the project and goals at hand. His experience and vast years doing what he does allows him to maneuver through the complexities of any situation, moving past the typical or untypical roadblocks of any project or implementation, applying lessons learned and challenges met towards the next client interaction.


We’re thrilled when our work gets recognition from our peers! In our first two seasons, we won three ARC Awards, along with one project being included in the Top 100 Annual Reports of 2015 list. We also were recognized by GD USA with three projects receiving awards in the 2015 season. Nothing is more satisfying than winning awards for our clients for the work we did for them!

Say Hi, we’re friendly!

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